Before, under and after 9/11. The scams, lies, manipulations and horrible warcrimes. All the contradictions.

Why? Why is it, the US administration, of war, NATO and their supporting west world nations,

together the most powerful war alliance ever, can't/ or more won't defeat Taliban?

And who is receiving the huge amounts of heroine ever produced in Afghanistan?

What is happening here in fact? Is there a sneaking WW III on the Muslim/Arab world going on?

Who is in fact the terrorists?

Do you think US' wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are history?

Well, just think about it, they're still there.


"And the war-machine keeps rolling..."


A fiction based on facts.

Axis of Evil, Alliance of Terror.

Copyright (c) Bjorn Danh

2. Edition, July 2018. 

No reproduction of text without authors permission.



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